The Smokey Under Eye



Smudgy, smokey eyes can be a tricky look to master so why not try out the new trend… The Smokey Under Eye. Here are some foolproof tips on how to rock the look!

Stay neutral

Keep eyelids and lips very neutral, prep lid with eye primer and lips with foundation. If you want to add a little shimmer simply apply a little Vaseline or lipgloss to both.

Brown is the new black

Smokey eyes need warmth so if you’re doing a black smokey eye, mix in warm dark brown to give dimension. Line underneath the eyes with a black pencil or liquid liner, then take a small shadow brush or slim sponge eye shadow applicator, dip in a brown eye shadow and apply it over the liner. Blend the two together, to create that rich, diffused look.

Stay close to the lashes

As a rule of thumb, the colour shouldn’t extend too much further than your lower lashes. You want the colour to be rich and dense closer to the lash line, diffusing out subtly the further down you go.

Stay within the boundaries

Keep eye shadow under the iris and the outer corners. Don’t bring the eye make up into your tear duct area as this is especially reserved for a little highlighter in the inner corners to brighten and open up the eye.