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Fix Up. Look Sharp. With Style Freedom. With several different style categories in our Style Freedom range, there is something for everyone to choose from to help style your hair. Check out our Foundation, Creation, Finish and Revival styling products to help you manage and achieve your desired finished look.

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Check out the best-selling product in the Style Freedom range... the STYLE-FREEDOM HAIR DETOX KIT. It's not just your skin that sometimes needs a detox, your hair needs it too. The Style Freedom Detox Kit is a great first step to start caring for your hair. A 2-part system that purifies & revitalises lacklustre hair, giving it a fresh start. Not just that… this kit perfectly prepares your hair for colour application. Helping to remove any barriers created from conditioners and styling products. PART 1 is a Purifier, infused with Green Tea and Citrus to gently but effectively remove impurities and product build-up. PART 2 is a Revitaliser that replenishes & nourishes the freshly detoxed hair with Shea Butter & Vitamin E to renew suppleness, strength & vitality.
Style Freedom Hair Detox Kit
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