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Simply You Cosmetics was created with YOU in mind. Luxury Cosmetics Brand offering the highest quality products without the expensive price tags. All of our products are Vegan Friendly, Animal Crultey Free, Paraben Free & are all Made in the UK. Our promise to YOU & the planet - As we care about the Environment, we only use the packaging we need to. Our Mailing Boxes are ECO Recycled Boxes & as we know you are buying just the product, we do not use un-necessary packaging boxes. Our products will be delivered to you with little needing to be disposed of - better for you and for the planet. This also means that you are just paying for what you want, our products & not additional pacakaging! As Customer Service is our number one priority, we are here to help you from 8am - 8pm Monday through to Sunday if you have any problems or even just for some further information on a product. Whatever it is, we will be happy to help. We ship to the UK, Ireland & International so you can get our products wherever you are in the world! Have a look through our products and treat yourself

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Watermelon Scented Self Tan. Moisturizing anti-oxidants to protect your skin and keep it baby soft Flawless Golden Tan An easy-to-apply tinted mousse to guide application for a smooth even application (no patches) Lightweight & quick-drying with no transfer onto clothes or bed sheets Apply with our mitt to seamlessly blend for a streak-free finish and stain-free hands Natural golden tan that lasts for up to 10 days with even fade. No self tan smell with our signature fragrances 100% clean, vegan-friendly & natural tanning active Luxury, Intense Smelling, High Quality Tan Mousses. With a blend of all natural ingredients with moisturizing anti-oxidants to protect your skin and keep it baby soft, while giving you that amazing glowing streak free tan, all year round. You'll never want to use another tan again, created with a super fast drying non-sticky formula so you can go about your day after application looking, feeling & smelling great.
Water Melon Scented Self Tan
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