The company was founded by Victoria, a 40 year old, highly qualified Beauty Therapist with a passion for skincare and the drive to help others with common facial dermatological complaints, from problematic skin to finding the best solution for her individual clients’ skin types, to ensure that they leave her salon feeling amazing and can continue with their regime at home, using the best products, tailored to their needs. After years of working with different clients and buying, trying, and experimenting with a huge array of various over the counter skincare products herself, with astounding prices variances from product, to product, she decided to combine her skills and expert knowledge into creating her own, realistically priced, range of products. Porezest has skincare products suitable for ladies, gents, and adolescents, all created by a lady with the ultimate goal of helping people feel confident when facing others and, more so, when looking in the mirror.

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Watermelon Skincare Set. Get fresh, glowing and radiant skin using Porezest Watermelon Glycolic Kaolin Clay face mask, following with super nourishing, lightweight Watermelon Moisturising cream. Our set also contains a spa branded headband, 100% bamboo cotton face cloth and face mask applicator.
Watermelon Skincare Set
Porezest Acne Serum is an essential serum for acne sufferers, blemishes and perfect for helping prevent future breakouts. Our serum contains tea tree and green tea extract making it a potent serum to use against your acne breakouts. Green tea, or Camellia leaf extract, is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, soothing and also protects against collagen degeneration. Tea tree is a mighty natural and powerful ingredient when dealing with acne. It has anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and kills some types of bacteria and fungi. Teamed with Aloe Vera it helps sooth irritated skin as well as helping with healing . The visible benefits can take up to 4 weeks using this product, but well worth the wait. This amazing super serum is also a super blood flow activator and nourishes and brightens your complexion.
Porezest Acne and Blemish Serum
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