Colour-Freedom Blonde

The Colour-Freedom Blonde range has been designed for all the blondes that need a freshen up. Within the range we have toners that neutralise any unwanted tones to achieve and maintain your perfect blonde shade. SULPHATE FREE and ULTRA-LOW AMMONIA for optimum condition. LOCK-IN COLOUR & SHINE with the included conditioning treatment inside your chosen shade. That is infused with shea butter, argan oil & panthenol to intensively nourish, leaving hair smoother, stronger & beautifully radiant.

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Two new Colour-Freedom Blonde toners to help neutralise those unwanted tones along with our a Supreme Lightening Conditioning Colour, Cool Artic Blonde 12.7. To find out more about our Blonde range, check out the range on our website by following the link below.
Colour-Freedom Blonde
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