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Give your body's biggest organ the attention it deserves!

OK, get your filthy minds out the gutter, we're referring to your skin of course!
Tuesday 28 Jun 2022

The majority of us use a face moisturiser on a daily basis, but we tend to neglect the rest of our body which is probably parched and crying out for some hydration from the recent bout of lockdown sun.

On average a woman spends 55 mins a day applying makeup and styling her locks so lets round that up to an hour and give our skin the daily pampering it deserves. The benefits of body moisturisers are that your skin will stay more elastic, encourage skin cell turnover and preserve those valuable moisture levels that prevent dry, flakey, itchy, scaly skin.

Whether you're looking for a lightweight formula that's fast absorbing, or something a little bit more hardcore for your scales, there's a moisturiser out there for everyone. Unlike blog articles or glossy mags, our passionate GlamGeek reviewers decide the order of our top 10's. 100% honest, authentic reviews with a price range to suit everyone’s budget!

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