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Slay the mid-day shine with our Top 10 Face Powders
Monday 27 Jun 2022

If you’ve been skipping face powder from your makeup regime because of the “it’s ageing” myth think again! Face Powders have come a long way since its ancient origins in Egypt, but essentially we are still using it for the same reasons makeup trend setter Cleopatra did 2k years ago.

If you suffer from oily skin or shiny breakouts throughout the day a face powder could be your skin's new best friend . Not only does it help keep the shine at bay, face powders even out your skin tone, lock your fave foundation into place, and they even fix makeup mistakes!

We’ve all over done the blusher and bronzer at some point or been experimenting with a darker time to start again, swirl some powder over the offending areas with a fluffy brush, blend out to the desired shade and all will be forgiven.

Which type of face powder should I choose?

Loose/Setting Powders do exactly what it says on the tin, set and prolong the wear of your foundation and concealer.

Finishing Powders blurs fine lines, pores and imperfections, also ideal for mature skin.

Pressed Powders are basically on the go setting powder, however, it contains more oils than loose powder, which makes it a heavier coverage, easier to conceal blemishes, but not so ideal for oily skin types.

Mineral Powders contain less chemicals, provide health benefits to your skin and are less pore clogging.

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