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Hiya everyone! My name is Elena and I love all things beauty. It is important to look good, feel amazing and healthy. It has been a tough journey for me to figure out what issues I was facing internal and external, how to deal with them, what routine I should introduce to my lifestyle and so on. I think 10 years later here I am, still learning and finding out new things. Face Skin: I have oily, blemish, acne, large pores, sensitive, uneven tone Body: I suffer with back acne due to hormonal disbalance. My legs and arms are dry especially at my knees and elbow areas. Hair: Oily scalp, dry ends. Itchy, flaky, sensitive scalp. Very fine hair, I barely have any and they always break, so I can’t grow my hair long enough. Internal: I have PSOS, I had one ovarie removed due to tumor. So I have a major hormone disbalance. So here I am in all my imperfectly perfect glory, just human with a lot of problems. I have learned how to live with it and manage it to my best ability and keep it in check.
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